Schematic Generator

Location: Brampton, Ontario
Date Posted: 23-05-2018
Schematic Generator Opportunity

A common requirement in Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) specifications is the ability
to generate schematic views of the distribution network model that has been imported from the Geographic
Information System (GIS). The purpose of the schematic views is to provide a more concise drawing of the
distribution network for switching operations.

We are looking for qualified candidates that have experience in developing the algorithm for programmatically
generating these schematic views from the ADMS database. The successful candidate will work closely with our
graphical user interface (GUI) development team, on a full-time or contractual basis, to improve our existing

The successful candidate must have:
▪ Experience in developing algorithms for programmatically generating schematic views
▪ Bachelors in Computer Science, Engineering, and/or Mathematics
▪ Excellent problem-solving skills
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